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The making of gingerbread houses is a yearly tradition at Sudbury Valley School.

he flavor of Sudbury Valley is best conveyed in the words of students who attended the school:

"Part of my feeling about the school had to do with it being beautiful. The building, the grounds, and the woods everything. There was always a lot of physical space. We had the freedom to move around and do what we wanted. There would be places where you could set up your own activities, or you could be a part of somebody else's activities. There was always a sense that you could do what you wanted to do and you could be who you wanted to be."

"Every day we had challenges to meet, and a group of us would be working on them at the same time. We picked hard things to do most of the time. At Sudbury Valley there were always older kids who had done things that the younger group was trying to get to. You automatically wanted to be one of the people who could do it too, so you kept trying until you could do it. Everything was always, 'You have to get one step further.'"

"For ten years, I would practice progressively more and more hours a day. I would have a vision of wanting to be able to play certain pieces, and when I got to the point where I could play those pieces, I'd want to be able to play other pieces that were harder. Everything you do helps everything else you do, because if you're doing one hard thing, it's not that different from doing another one. It may take different physical skills, or maybe different mental habits, but it takes the same kind of concentration and requires the same kind of thinking."

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